Colors and wood

Our powder-coat colors:


Many of our products come in several different colors. Starting off with black and white, we experimented with more and added our favorites to our collection. Our colors are inspired and named after plants, places and animals; from our beautiful home, Southern Nevada.

Color samples available here

 Tonopah - A satin black with just enough sheen where it highlights the shape and lines of our products without being too harsh. Tonopah is a city in Nevada, containing the darkest nighttime skies in the country. With almost no light pollution, it is one of the top destinations for stargazing and night hikes.

 Mirage - A gloss white color widely available on any of our lamps as well as certain other products using steel. Growing up in Las Vegas in the 90's, we had a connection to the Mirage hotel and memories of visiting the beautiful rare white tigers.

 Sagebrush - A glossy mint green color, that was the first color we introduced to our lamps. Inspired by our state flower, Sagebrush remains one of our most popular colors.

 Paradise - A bright aqua-blue color, that we first experimented with while working on a project for a hotel in Mexico. The name reflects the tropical beach of the project we first used it for, as well as the unincorporated town in Nevada. Formed in 1950, Paradise contains most of the Las Vegas strip.

 Wildflower - A dark rich yellow, thats somehow both bright and warm at the same time. Easy to look at but still adds a pop of color. Inspired by an event in Death Valley known as super bloom, where millions of wildflowers (including Desert Gold Flower) bloom due to el Nino. 

 Atomic - A bright red-orange color that's hard to look away from. Reminiscent of the red skies as a result of the nuclear tests performed in 1950's just outside of Las Vegas. Atomic is also the name of the oldest bar in Las vegas, which happens to be our favorite.

 Cactus - Dark green olive drab color. Living in the desert, we have a love for cacti, agaves, yukkas and their resilience and tolerance of drought. It was only fitting that we call this color Cactus.

 Overton - A deep, warm blue that pairs well with almost any wood. One of our favorite things about where we live is Lake Mead. We love to spend our spare time there to get out of the shop and be inspired by all of the wildlife and beautiful surroundings.

 Flamingo - A warm natural coral pink color. Named after the oldest operating hotel in Las Vegas. The Flamingo hotel which opened in 1946, was the third hotel built in town and is still open today.

 Mojave - Gloss rich cream color. Originally used on my motorcycle restoration, we decided to throw in some lamps with the powder-coat batch and loved the result. Reminiscent of the midwest desert sand we are surrounded by. 

 Diamondback - Matte light beige color. Resembles a suede look and feel. We named this after our native rattlesnake, that we have encountered in the wild many times. Although frightening to most people, diamondback rattlesnakes have an undeniably beautiful color and pattern.

Woods we use:

Growing up around wood my entire life, I've been exposed to many species and have learned to appreciate them all. Although I wish we could offer them all, we've narrowed it down to four different species we carry on most of our wood products;

 Walnut - The most popular wood option on our site, American Walnut is a timeless favorite. Dark rich brown with beautiful grain, Walnut stands out in any room.

 Oak - A classic wood with so much potential, Red Oak is a great contrast to Walnut and darker woods. Although White Oak seems to get most of the spotlight lately, we believe red oak provides a warmth worth considering for any space.

 Teak - Logan's personal favorite. With such gorgeous rich color and interesting grain, it's no wonder Teak has become a worldwide wood choice. From mid-century danish furniture to boats, Teak proves to be a durable and quality species to work with.

 Cherry - Although typically stained or dyed, there's nothing quite like natural cherry. A warm neutral color, American Cherry gets along fine with most other wood species without clashing. Growing up helping my dad build cabinets for casinos and homes in the valley, I was exposed to cherry very early on and loved the softness of the wood and clearness of the grain.

Everything is made to order:
Everything for sale on our website is made to order with listed estimated lead times in product listings. If an item is available to purchase, that does not mean it is "in stock". Lead times are listed in product descriptions. If you have a project deadline and need to know about possible expediting, please send us an email.
International orders:
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